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Hemp-derived CBD Distributor

Tried, Trusted CBD Brands and Products for Retail Distribution

According to Forbes , the Cannabinoid (CBD) market could reach $20 billion by 2024. In a recent study conducted of Texas residents, of those that had not used CBD, 61% expressed some form of interest, and an additional 23%, while skeptical, had not ruled out learning more.

CBD presents a unique and timely opportunity for business retailers to expand their product portfolio to serve this emerging market.

The Hemp Know is dedicated to serving and supporting businesses as they make the leap and expand their product offerings to include hemp-derived CBD products.

We know what most will not admit – not all CBD products are created equally. Unfortunately, in the absence of FDA regulation, there is a lot of over-promising, under-delivering and misrepresentation that exist in this market. In addition, until regulation is firmed, given the financial growth projections forecast, it is only going to get more complex.

We provide businesses a since of assurance. We understand this industry and are distributors for several tried and trusted manufactures with more than 30 different hemp-derived CBD products. We work hand-in-hand with our retail partners to select products that will resonate with their customers and ensure on-time inventory solutions for operation.  


In addition, we offer – at no cost – market consulting to help you determine the most optimal mix of products for your cliental and geographic area.

For more information about our catalog of brands and products,  



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