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Dispensary Banking

Banking Solutions

Dispensaries come with a host of fees - IRS, state, and city tax and unfortunately it is only going to get worst. 

In the next few months, dispensaries are going to be introduced, or reintroduced, to the IRS 280E tax code. The cash they are using for day-to-day operations is going to be scrutinized. Then the 3-year audit by the IRS will come up and all that cash will have to be accounted for, costing tens of thousands of dollars in time and audit preparation.

Our registered financial institution will make a difference, save a fortune in taxes and help create more consumer demand.

This cashless environment can increase transactions and transaction value by 20% or more and reduce 280E through compliant unitization. THK joins EXPO Financial to increase regional awareness and exposure to this transformative solution; and to share how we might be able to simplify business for dispensaries by providing a unique payroll, inventory management and cash management system that costs very little to implement. 

We strive to provide solutions for all cannabis needs. Thanks to our knowledge of participating banks, we are able to consult with clients on full service banking solutions in states that have legalized cannabis. The full service banking solutions provide dispensary owners, cultivators as well as any legal cannabis business the opportunity to secure their earnings in a banking institution.  

Take advantage of merchant account solutions as well as credit card processing online and at your retail/wholesale location. Start the approval process today and begin processing bank transactions in as little as 7-10 days. Inquire at to discuss more.

For more information email or call 214-699-8438.

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