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Building Indoor
Hemp Grows

Indoor Hemp Grows To Eliminate Climate Impact and Variability

We grow consistent quality and high volume FLOH (Fresh, local, organic, hemp) in a year-round soil-based vertical farms. Why soil

base? We know from experience, that growing in a soil base format called terraponics is 70% more cost effective than hydroponics and

aquaponics combined.

Growing with our knowledge and expertise provides greater confidence in your seed, the influence of weather conditions and the quality of your hemp (ensuring organic production). We are confident in our ability because we are doing it right now, and have established a process by which we can duplication our success right in your own personal indoor grow.


In addition, we offer vertical farming with computer automation services. We use state of the art blockchain tracking of every seed or clone we plant. This tracking system will map every seed we plant from seed to shelf. Giving you the assurance that the hemp you are growing is the best that can be provided. We have standing collaboration with Cornell University, and have experts on staff to help write those government contracts that can give you that leg up to your competition.


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