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Our Process

Client Engagement. Direct Farm, Cooperative, Processor &/or their Authorized Designee, Affiliate or Representative; Direct Buyer &/or their Authorized Designee, Affiliate or Representative (Respective state must permit legal production of hemp.)

Mutual Disclosure Agreement. All clients are required to executive an MNDA

Letter of Intent (LOI), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). These documents outline the clients request and shall clearly detail specifications

Verification of Funds. Attorney Contact, Escrow Officer is preferred, funds must be “ready” for purchase which can be verified (funds must be in escrow and ready for the specific purchase)

Preliminary Transaction Terms Negotiated. Fee Agreements, Preliminary Purchase Agreements, Timelines, Testing Protocols, Transaction Personnel & Designee determinations, Project Coordination, Terms for final sale, transfer of title and release of funds

Site Visit & Independent Sampling. Timeline, Location, Quarantine, Costs, Testing Lab, Minimum Tests, Results Review

Metrics, Test Results & Final Purchase Contracts. Results of data, price determination, timeline, final contracts

Release of Title & Release of Funds. Release & Transfer of Ownership Title to Buyer, Release of Funds to Seller

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