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Educating Black Business Leaders on Cannabis Opportunity

On Thursday, The Hemp Know copresented a Cannabis workshop at the 31st annual conference for the Texas Association of African-American Chambers of Commerce, the premiere corporation organized to establish a statewide network among African American Chambers of Commerce throughout the state of Texas.

The conference, held in Pflugerville, Texas and attended by key political leaders and leading business entrepreneurs, included an array of critical topics to advance enterprise within black businesses and the community. The Cannabis workshop provided business leaders with a comprehensive look at opportunities in cannabis – from hemp/CBD presented by Founder and CEO of The Hemp Know Damon Logan, to investment opportunities in medical marijuana presented by Donnie Burton and Lawrence Lemons (Strive Wellness and The Harvest Foundation), two leading experts in cannabis investing.

“We are grateful to Mr.Charles O’Neal for extending the invitation to share the opportunity available to businesses in hemp. While hemp/CBD may not be for every business portfolio, every business leader should at least know about it,” said Logan.

Logan was first introduced to the cannabis business by his cousin, the late Eric Logan, a visionary and one of the leading advocates for hemp. In 2014, Eric founded a hemp commodities firm, which has to date facilitated more than $200 million in transactions. “When he approached me to join him, I was battling a serious disease, and learning about hemp and the contributions it could have on the economy, as well as health, became somewhat of my solace. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know,” said Logan.

Eric extended an opportunity for Damon to join his company as a partner. “I started by simply executing contracts. Moved into working directly with farmers and cooperatives to maximize return for their crop. I later became a Partner, working side-by-side with him to cultivate the domestic and international expansion and awareness of hemp – including developing new team members and presentations to build hemp agricultural plans outside of the US, one being Angola,” said Logan.

In 2018, Damon formed The Hemp Know, a hemp commodities service provider committed to growing the knowledge and infusion of hemp throughout the state of Texas. The Hemp Know focuses on three key verticals: working with farmers from seed to sell; education to increase understanding and demand for hemp-derived products and providing hemp business solutions to eliminate barriers to market.

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