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Seeking Farm Partner to Grow Hemp For Publicly Traded Agricultural Brand

The Hemp Know has an immediate time sensitive opportunity for Agricultural Land contract with a branded, publicly traded hemp product and production company. This company is anchored by an iconic personality. This company is looking for full service farms and farmers to partner and grow their hemp and share in the profit sharing of each hemp crop harvest. Additionally, this iconic company is in the process of University partnership conversation for hemp grow research and development as well as and farmer training program that may provide an added research partnership benefit and crop insurance qualification for farmers and their crops above and beyond the company partnership.


· Farms that are or can quickly qualify as an organic grow farm

· Owned Farm with deed in Hand

· Farming equipment

· Seeding equipment

· Dry storage

· Power


· Given to any farm with an additional climate-controlled facility on site or easily accessible and secured

· Given to farms with some type of irrigation


· Seeds are provided by the business and not the farmer

· Partner farm will bear the company brand and endorsement

· Comfort of a publicly traded and branded products endorsed and branded by an iconic figure

· Established company with products, distribution and sales represented in the US and three countries

· Multiple farmer partnership and payment options negotiable to include but not limited to monthly payments and or royalty options for crops at maturity and sale

· If the university partnership is executed, crop insurance will be included up to 8.6 million in addition to the university research and development activities and university farm endorsement

State and acreage requirements:

· Any state with legalized hemp grow and transportation laws is qualified

· Minimum acreage is 50 acres and no maximum


· Preference is given to Louisiana, Tennessee, California, Colorado and Oregon.

To learn more, call 214-699-8438 or

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